Silver & Gold

We sell a large quantity of silver & gold from Georgian tea services and flatware to snuff boxes, candlesticks, mirrors, jewellery and decorative silver objects. Precious metals will always have their intrinsic value, but it is often the style and quality that makes them so desirable, and the reason that sellers can see such great results. Our experienced specialist valuers can appraise your items so that dates, makers and carats are identified for potential buyers making it easier to both buy and sell.

We hold three specialist silver auctions each year in addition to the silver in our regular Antiques & Collectables auctions every two weeks and are accepting entries Monday to Friday 9am-5pm with no appointment necessary. We love to see new items and new collections and our specialist valuers are always available to offer free, no obligation advice either at our auction house, via email or by arranging a home visit appointment.

All of our Silver Auctions have online bidding facilities and together with our extensive database of worldwide purchasers your items are offered for sale to the widest possible market creating every opportunity to obtain the best possible price. All auctions have a viewing day the day prior to the sale itself and printed catalogues are available.

Contact us on 01249 720888 or email here.