Postcards & Ephemera

It is believed that postcards have been around since 1840 and while we cannot claim to have been selling them for that long, we have a great deal of experience in dealing with collections of postcards. Still one of the most collectable and aesthetically pleasing items that can be found at auction, we have the specialists that will value and offer your collection in a manor sure to make you, the seller, the most money possible. Even if your collection contains thousands of postcards, we absolutely guarantee to look through every card so that no potential star item is overlooked.

Whether it is topographical subjects both UK & World, portrait, saucy seaside, military related or cartoon it tends to be 19th Century and early 20th Century postcards that have the most value and if you have such a collection we would welcome the opportunity to value yours. No matter how big your collection we have the infrastructure in place to handle it from collection, to valuation through to auction. Alternatively we are happy to sell single postcards if you have a more modest collection.

Intrinsically linked with our postcard department is our ephemera department which includes anything paper related such as old menus, newspapers, comics, indentures, books, brochures, programmes, manuals and so much more. You may have a collection of paperwork which relates to the railways, advertising, the theatre, war, the navy, transport, foreign countries, cruise liners or, well…anything! Whatever the subject, we are sure to find another collector ready to buy.

We hold three specialist postcards & ephemera auctions each year and are accepting entries Monday to Friday 9am-5pm with no appointment necessary. We love to see new collections and our specialist valuers are always available to offer free no obligation advice either at our auction house, via email or by arranging a home visit appointment.

All of our postcards & ephemera auctions have online bidding facilities and together with our extensive worldwide database of purchasers your items are offered for sale to the widest possible market creating every opportunity to obtain the best possible price. All auctions have a viewing day the day prior to the sale itself and catalogues are available.

Contact us on 01249 720888 or email here.