We have been selling everything from single coins to large collections for many years and this wonderful form of historical collecting is still going strong. From British gold & silver coins to Ancient Roman, Chinese & Greek coins - we have seen them all. We have also seen a large rise in the popularity of collecting banknotes so please let our experts see these also.

We hold three specialist coin auctions each year and are accepting entries Monday to Friday 9am-5pm with no appointment necessary. We love to see new coin collections and our specialist valuers are always available to offer free no obligation advice either at our auction house, via email or by arranging a home visit appointment. Our specialist coin valuer is at our auction room every Tuesday. We can travel across Europe so you are never too far away.

All of our coin auctions have online bidding facilities and together with our extensive worldwide database of purchasers your items are offered for sale to the widest possible market creating every opportunity to obtain the best possible price.

Contact us on 01249 720888