Vinyl Records & Music Memorabilia

May 07, 2019


Wessex Auction Rooms in Chippenham held their most recent auction of Music Memorabilia & Vinyl Records on April 12th and once again saw some record breaking results.

Top of the bill were two posters for the Bath Festival of Blues & Progressive Rock Music held at the Bath & West Showground on June 27th & 28th 1970.Having sold an identical poster for £2980 (including buyers premium) in October of last year which was the first example to ever go to auction in the UK, Auctioneer & Music Specialist Martin Hughes said that he was excited to unearth two more examples “After the staggering result of the poster in October, there was a lot of press and social media coverage.This led to two separate phone calls from gentlemen who had attended the festival themselves and had kept hold of their posters.Having never seen one in the flesh before October, I had now seen three!”Bidding for the posters came from around the world and despite stiff competition in the room and on the telephones, eventually sold to purchasers on the internet for £2905 & £3537.52 respectively.“What makes these so collectable is that you have huge bands such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd appearing on stage but not even taking the top billing.As a huge fan of rock music, hearing the stories from people who attended the festival had me full of envy, but it has been a delight to handle the posters for myself.

Another top Lot of the day was a set of autographs from Pink Floyd on a loose page from an old autograph book.The signatures included original lead singer and guitarist Syd Barrett who had only a short tenure with the band – making a set bearing his name much more sought after.The bidding was again extremely lively and the hammer eventually came down at a record breaking £2400 (including premium) – a figure that broke the record for any set of Pink Floyd autographs on a single piece of paper sold at auction.

A poster for the Open Air Love & Peace Festival held in Isle Of Fehmarn Germany on September 4th, 5th & 6th 1970 also attracted interest from all corners of the globe.Notable as staging the last public performance of Jimi Hendrix, the poster sold for a premium inclusive £606

Over 500 Lots of Vinyl Records were also sold on the day and Lot number one was a copy of The Beatles White Album.The White Album is a favourite among collectors as the early copies are numbered on the front.Anything numbered under 100 is considered a holy grail item – indeed, a copy numbered 000007 was sold for over £20,000.The example that was for sale at Wessex Auction Rooms was numbered 0000066 and was sold to a Beatles enthusiast who was born in 1966 and had been hoping to one day track that number down.The price paid on the day was £2408 (including premium).Martin says “The great thing about these albums is that there must be so many of them still sat in people’s collections who have absolutely no idea that the number on the front is so significant.We have sold a couple that were numbered in the hundreds, but I was blown away when this one showed up!”

Other vinyl highlights included a first pressing of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon (£450), the self-titled album from Dutch rock band Earth & Fire (£430), an early copy of Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix (£265) and Black Sabbath’s Paranoid Album (£275).

Martin says “The Vinyl Revival has really taken off over the last few years and we are seeing more and more collections making serious money for sellers.Rock, Punk & Prog Rock are forever popular, but we have also seen a huge growth in the number of people searching for Reggae, Folk, Jazz and Blues music at Wessex Auction Rooms.

The team at Wessex Auction Rooms are currently inviting entries for their next specialist auction of Vinyl Records and Music Memorabilia and can be contacted on 01249 720888 or