June 2020 Toy Auction Preview

Jun 15, 2020

With the first post Lockdown Toy Collectors auction only a matter of days away we’ve grabbed the head of our Toy Department, Tim Weeks, to tell us about some of the lots in the sale that he had as a child…

Being a child of the eighties I was fortunate enough to live through the boom of TV related action figures and the rise of the computer console.In our Wessex Auction Rooms two day June Toy Collectors auction we are offering a some fantastic lots from this era and without doubt my favourite is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle Blimp made by Hong Kong powerhouse, Playmates.I remember while at Junior School in Bath one of my best friends went on holiday to America in 1990 when Turtles was the biggest thing in our lives along with Panini football stickers and learning how to Moonwalk.He came back with EVERYTHING! He had all of the figures, which were really hard to get in the UK for a time due to the huge demand.He had Shredders car, the Technodrome and of course, the Turtle Blimp – I hated him! The blimp was one of the more expensive items in the range back in the early 90s so naturally it is now a little harder to find these days for the collectors.I can’t wait to get it under the hammer and be jealous of the owner once again!

Another highlight from my youth is always the retro gaming section that feature in our Toy Auctions.There is always a debate of what was the greatest computer game of the nineties… Mario Kart? Sonic The Hedgehog? Street Fighter 2? And a game that always features in the debate is James Bond 007 Golden Eye on the N64.I spent hours...no, days…no, months playing this game with mates on weekends and school holidays.I was pretty bang average at it but fortunately I could live through my friends superior marksmanship and was lucky enough to be in the room when the he completed the game.Naturally for the next 20 years I have been telling people that I was the one that completed it.Lot 1190 on day two of our Toy Auction (20th June) is a boxed example of the game but what is most impressive about this item is that it is in great condition and with its instructions.The instructions will always add some value to retro games as they will be purchased to be played as well as look pretty on the shelf.If you end up buying it and need any tips just let me know as I once completed it as a kid!

And remember, if you are asking yourself ‘How much are my Toys worth?’ or ‘Where should I sell my toys?’ get in touch with Tim at tim@wessexauctionrooms.co.uk or call 01249 720888