COVID-19 Update 20.07.2021

Jul 20, 2021

Today we can finally make the announcement that we have all been so desperate to make for 17 months.

In-room bidding is back at Wessex!

From our Antiques, Collectables & Furniture Auction on 21st/22nd August onwards we will be opening the auction house doors for in-room bidding and viewing without appointment. Just turn up, register and bid!

Naturally, we want to continue to create as safe an environment as possible for both our customers and staff alike and therefore will put a few measures in place to ensure this as well as a review of some terms and conditions that will come into place from 19th August 2021. These include…

Facemasks & Hand Sanitizer

For the forseeable future and until further notice, facemasks must still be worn by all customers and staff whilst within the auction house, unless exempt on health grounds. No mask means no entry. Hand Sanitizer will be available upon arrival and throughout the salerooms and it is encouraged to be used when handling items.

Online Bidding

If you are not yet ready to return to the saleroom to bid live in person, we will continue to run the two online bidding platforms of and The as well as commission bids and telephone bids.


Viewing for auctions will be available the day before each auction from 10am until 6pm. No appointment will be necessary. Facemasks must be worn.


We will no longer request that you make an appointment with an allotted time slot to collect your items. However, the overwhelming feedback received by customers suggests that the current collection arrangement does make for a much smoother and satisfying experience for our customers. We understand that you will want to arrive at the auction house and leave with your items as quickly as possible without long waits. Particularly for the days immediately after an auction we can often have in excess of ten people arrive within a few minutes which can create long waits. So, in order to keep these waits to a minimum we would ask that where possible, you inform us of your arrival with 24 hours notice so that we can have your items gathered and waiting for you in as many cases as possible.While this is not a requirement it will simply help us to help you be safely on your way with as little wait as possible.

Storage & Postage

We politely request that all invoices are settled within 5 working days of the auction. We are not a storage company and are therefore unable to store items for longer than this period. Any items outstanding after this period (where delivery, collection or postage has not been arranged) will be moved to offsite storage and charged at a rate of £3 per lot, per day. Once the total storage fee has outweighed the item value it will be re-sold to recoup the storage fees with 20% of the selling fee going to one of our chosen charities. We will continue to offer worldwide postage with our in-house service, or our recommended couriers.

Business until 19th August 2021

We will continue to run as we have throughout the year for the next 4 weeks. Auctions will remain as online only bidding and collections will require pre booked appointments.

Whilst we are incredibly pleased to be able to offer these services again, we will always consider the safety of customers and staff our priority. With this in mind, all auction house practices will be continually in review. We ask you to respect our staff and fellow customers with these measures and very much look forward to welcoming you back to The Home of Auctioneering.