Chipping Sodbury Valuation Day

Jul 31, 2018

Wessex Auction Rooms are excited to be hosting their first free valuation day in Chipping Sodbury at The Portcullis Hotel on Monday 6th August from 10am-2pm. “We love getting out and about in the local area doing these roadtrip-style valuation events” comments Director and Auctioneer Tim Weeks (a regular BBC Bargain Hunt expert) “It’s great to meet new people and hear their stories about why they’re coming to see us”.

You might think you don’t have anything of value, but you just never know. Dig out those items you’ve been storing in the loft, or Grannie’s vases at the back of the cupboard you never did really like, the toys from your childhood you don’t know why you’re holding onto, inherited jewellery that just isn’t your style, Grandad’s medals that are gathering dust… whatever it is, bring it along to Chipping Sodbury valuation day where a team of valuers will be on hand to assess your items and offer advice, with the opportunity to enter your items into auction.

“Some of our best finds have come from valuation events” notes Izzie Balmer FGA DGA, Auctioneer and Head Valuer “Recently a lady came along with what she thought was just a plain amethyst gold necklace but as soon as I saw it I knew it was a Murrle Bennett Arts and Crafts necklace. His style is so distinctive. I think she was expecting me to say around £100… which I did with an added zero on the end! It sold in our specialist jewellery and silver auction for £1200”

Other valuation day finds include an 18th century mahogany apothecary box complete with glass bottles, measuring instruments and pestle. In lovely condition it had sat collecting dust in the vendor’s summer house for years and years. She decided to have a spring clean and it went under the hammer and sold for £320. A set of Ross AC 2005 WWII Royal Navy Bridge/ Battleship Binoculars in good condition complete with their original issue box sold for £2,400. Neil Holmes, military expert at Wessex Auction Rooms knew as soon as he clapped eyes on them they were a good thing: “It’s the rarity together with their condition, as well as the fact anything militaria is always popular at auction” explains Neil. “Militaria buyers love a good story. I have no doubt that the buyer of these binoculars will be trying to ascertain which WWII battleship they were originally used on”.

A collection of 18th century hand painted Crown Derby items comprising coffee can, cream jug and plate were almost thrown out by the vendor when she decided to bring them along last minute to a valuation day with a couple of other items. She was clearing out her parents’ home and was planning on leaving them on the mantlepiece for the house clearance company to dispose of but something made her pop them into her handbag and bring them along. “As a Derby girl myself I always appreciate a good bit of Crown Derby (later becoming Royal Crown Derby)” enthuses Izzie. “These three items were truly lovely. Hand painted and in very good condition, especially considering their age, I was amazed when the vendor told me she’d kept the good china but thought these were rubbish. The coffee can in particular was very impressive. Unsigned but titled “sailing close in the wind strong gale” it was beautifully painted depicting ships at sea. We entered the three pieces as a group lot and needless to say the vendor was delighted when they sold for £320.”

It’s every auctioneer’s dream when a client comes along with an item they don’t think has any huge value and this was exactly the case with a bronze sculpture brought to a local valuation day. The bronze depicted an abstract man leaning forward and was numbered 1/9. Raised on an oak base it was 34cm in height. The vendor thought it might be worth between £100-l.£200 but Wessex Auction Rooms knew it to be worth a whole lot more than that because they recognised it to be a Michael Ayrton sculpture. Michael Ayrton (1921-1975) was a British artist and writer, turning his hand to painting, printing, design, sculpture, novels, illustrations, poems, costume design, broadcasting and more. His works are influenced by mythology and collections can be seen in the Tate Gallery London, National Portrait Gallery London and the Museum of Modern Art New York. The £200 hoped for by the vendor was turned into £3,400 – it just goes to show you really might be sitting on a fortune!

If you’ve got items you’d like to get valued come along to The Portcullis Hotel, 11 Horse Street, Chipping Sodbury, BS37 6DA on Monday 6th August to meet the Wessex team who will be on hand to offer advice from 10am-2pm. For more information please call the office on 01249 720888 or email